Monday, August 20, 2012


Let’s take a trip down memory lane.  He walked around the pitch one last time, smiling and waving at his people.  A lonely tear rolling down his cheek.  Grande.  He later assured the public  that he would be continuing his playing career,  but not with Juventus.  The truth, however, was another.  The truth is that Alex, the historical  captain of his beloved  Old Lady , never really left  Juventus  world. He was forced to do so "physically" in the sense that the non-renewal of his  contract forced him to hide away the shirt that he  loved so much, but on all other levels, mental, emotional, digital...Alessandro Del Piero has not completely detached from his former  team mates, his people, from the  # 10 shirt which he embraced and embodied for 19 years. It’s  being said that perhaps soon it could be worn again by the one player who can really wear:  10 Del Piero . Call it dreaming,  a delusion,  a rumour popping up at of the end of August. It could be something more than that.

Del Piero in recent months has received offers  from  all around the world : America, China, Russia, Britain and so on and so forth. But he has declined all offers.

What is he waiting for? The Juventus organization has not renewed his contract. He's had time to take his mind elsewhere, took a vacation, thought about the future. By way of social media,  there has been all the good wishes and positive comments for his footballing companions and posts regarding Juventus through AlessandroDelPiero on facebook, one of the means by which he communicates with his nearly 4 million fans. Calls for victory, win the  Italian Super Cup and the special dedication to Gigi Buffon, who still calls him "Captaino".

The scenario could soon change dramatically. Even as this is being written, more "whispers" are being heard in Turin.

The real top player may be closer then you thought. All summer the media linked Juventus with the likes of Cavani,  Van Persie,  Suarez and even Jovetic.  All this talk of the coveted "Top Player" yet there is not even a shadow.  Instead Juventus management must frantically chase Llorente with the  small window of opportunity shrinking to get to Dzeko.   Fans mutter in chat groups or at the bar.  They keep track of broken promises.  After pondering the sure signing of Aguero last year (didn't happen), this year marks the non arrival of the Uruguayan striker (he's not worth 100 million sorry) and Dutch/former Arsenal man who ended up at Manchester United. Suarez renewed his contract and Jovetic  says he‘s happy where he is.  

Turin is beginning to circulate a blatant indiscretion. 

Juventus could reverse its original decision,  call on  the Capitano and ask him to sign for another year.  Huge presentation in full regalia , the number 10  jersey once again under the name "Del Piero " and the fans surely worked into a frenzy for the arrival of their dream Top Player. The real, unique and irreplaceable.  Alexander the Great .  Alessandro Del Piero.

Agnelli wouldn't go back on his word.  According to rumors Alex would return quickly and would even be ready to take the  first step.  Driven by his love for the shirt, the Juventus top goal scored would be willing to go deal firsthand with Andrea Agnelli.  Most likely Del Piero would offer a one year contract, with  compensation  tied to appearances and goals.  He wants back in the game, he wants to prove to those who believe in him that is far from a finished player.  Enter through  back door channels,  with respect,  humility and a deep knowledge of the team and organisation.  Traits that have always distinguished him from the rest. It would be a plot twist worthy of the best romantic movies.  Del Piero  Storia Di Un Grande Amore.

If any further developments should happen, we'll have to wait for confirmation. If indeed the incredible return of Del Piero to Juventus does materialize,  it is most likely that he would only arrive for Champions League and not before.  The management would not want to deprive us fans of the greatest surprise yet.  Think about it. The number 10,  the number of excellence.  He has a  dream : he wants to win the Champions League with HIS team once again. He has the hunger to try. If Agnelli calls on him, Alex is there. He would never say no to his beloved Lady and as mentioned before - whispers on radio and tweets and blogs" - he would even be willing to propose the deal himself. 

Alessandro Del Piero .His many admirers, those who have supported him, idolized him, loved him. Oh what joy it would bring. They would probably prefer the return of the boy from Conegliano even more than the arrival of Ronaldo and Messi in a single package. Though I know the leader Alessandro Del Piero can hide control his emotions publicly,  the Pinturicchio underneath can’t wait to pull out his tongue and unleash mayhem in the stands with the first goal he scores his second time around with Juventus.  For now there are only rumours, but something is starting to move.  In recent days Bianconeri supporters began to spread the slogan: “Altroch√® top player, ridatemi Del Piero”. Today it may only be a rumour,  but with a theatrical coup it could easily become a reality.  The return of Del Piero.

How GRANDE would that be?

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