Thursday, July 5, 2012

Juventus may bid on Liverpool star Luis Suarez

Liverpool must fight tooth and nail in order to keep Luis Suarez on their roster. Presently, the Uruguay international is one of the few world class players in Liverpool’ squad. Juventus has been trying to steal ever since the summers started, but the new manager of Liverpool Brendan Rodgers has once again declared that Luis Suarez will be staying at Anfield next season. 
 Liverpool posted its worst form in nearly 50 years last season, but in spite of that Luis Suarez was found to be in good form. Luis Suarez scored 17 goals and provided seven assists in 39 games last season. His superb dribbling skills and incredible finishing ability makes him one of the hottest transfer prospects in the football market.

 However, lack of maturity has been a cause of concern in case of Luis Suarez. The youngster can get frustrated which results in anger or subtle acts of revenge. The racial row between Luis Suarez and Manchester United defender Patrice Evra is one example of it.

 Juventus, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain have been trying to sign in Luis Suarez as soon as the season ended. Presently the Serie A winners, Juventus are leading the race to sign the prodigal Uruguayan. In spite of this the new Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers claims Luis Suarez has agreed to stay at Anfield for another season. “I’ve had a brilliant chat with Luis,” Brendan Rodgers said in a press release this week. “He’s really looking forward to being here and we are obviously hoping that we can get him on to another new contract. He’s really looking forward to the new season.” 

Meanwhile, Brendan Rodgers is also trying to find a replacement for Luis Suarez. Although it is impossible to replicate the talents of Luis Suarez, Brendan Rodgers can acquire the services of a striker with similar abilities. Clint Dempsey is one example. The Fulham forward is looking to sign in with a club with meaning this summer. Although, Liverpool finished eight last season the club is trying to rebuild itself. Signing in for Liverpool means players like Clint Dempsey would get first team action.

Nonetheless, Brendan Rodgers main aim should be to concentrate on keep Luis Suarez at Liverpool. The striker has already shown emotions for the color Red and is grateful for the supper Liverpool showed during his eight-match ban. Luis Suarez trusts Liverpool. Liverpool should do the same and try to earn a spot in the top four to qualify for Champions League action. If Brendan Rodgers is able to qualify for Champions League then Liverpool won’t have to worry about Luis Suarez’s exit.     For more join our fan  page

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